Where to read about celebrities


From actors to politicians, and from singers to serial killers, famous people hold a particular fascination for the regular folk. Psychologists consider this to be a normal state of fact, and they believe that the entire human species has evolved with interest for the people at the top of the pile.

Reading about celebrities is something that everybody does, regardless if we do it for motivation or just to kill some time. In today’s world, the information on famous people is extremely accessible. In fact, it is so approachable, that it is hard to determine which is relating real accounts and which is fake news. Here are a few tips that will help you read the facts about your favorite celebrity:

Personal websites

Social media platforms are full of false news about famous people. A lot of the stories that are available on these social interaction portals are just scams to get you to access other websites for monetization purposes. If you find a piece of news related to your preferred celebrity, you might want to double check the information.

Your best option to know if a celebrity is getting married, having a baby or it just died is to visit their websites. Their legal representatives use these web pages to make official announcements and declarations, so they are reliable sources of information.

International news agencies

It might be that your favorite celebrity does not have a personal website and their social media profiles are flooded with messages from their fans. In this case, you should access the pages of international news agencies like France-Presse, United Press International or Reuters. These organizations are not affiliated with any third party, and their goal is to provide facts, verified information and true stories at all times.